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Recent Projects & Kind Words

Taylor Energy installed our smoke alarms this morning. They were on time (actually early) efficient, pleasant and
got the job done with no fuss. We will be calling on them again for our electrical needs.”

- Debra Ann
"Great people to deal with. Did a great job on the install and they know what they are talking about."
- David Simmons
"Great genuine installers! I’ve been in the industry for 7 years and these boys really take pride and care into every job.."
- Paul James

"To James and his crew – excellent work and professional. Thanks very much for my solar. Thanks heaps to Graham also for all my financial areas. Highly recommend this company."

- Troy Perham

"Thank you so much for our solar installation. We shopped around heaps and found James to be the most honest and trustworthy to supply our solar system. Highly recommend your services!!!"

- Monique Eddie

"Everything from start to finish was made extremely easy for us and handled wholly by them. The job was completed promptly and they left our home very clean. Great system, great service couldn't recommend more!"

- Ben Burns

"The Taylor Energy team went above and beyond in the installation of my 8.5kw system. Team was professional, punctual and tidy. Extremely easy to deal with and made it a great experience. Thanks again"

- Sam Salfi

"From the first visit to the completed installation the service and help was excellent. Coming from someone who really didn’t understand the concept apart from it saving me on my electrical bill, these guys went through everything in detail."

- Sue Wynands

25.60kW Grid Connect Solar with Battery Storage - Norman Park, QLD

One of our largest residential solar projects to date delivered for our customer who wanted the absolute maximum output a system could generate with not one but two of our beautiful Sungrow SH10RT inverters and stunning Sungrow SBR256 batteries. The Sungrow SBR256 is the latest in modular battery technology allowing our customer to expand the system at any time. This is truly a showcase installation we are very proud to call our own.


54 x 390W JA Solar Monocrystaline Modules
2 x Sungrow 10kW Inverters
1 x Sungrow 10kW Lithium Ion Battery 

15.25kW Grid Connect Solar – Kingsholme, QLD

This is a lovely QCELLS and Fronius package that we delivered for a customer with a very high air-conditioning and pool pump load. With ample North-facing roof space, we were able to put together a large enough system to eliminate their power bills.


50 x 305W QCELLS Monocrystaline Modules
1 x Fronius Symo 15kW inverter
1 x Fronius Smart Meter

6.84kW Grid Connect Solar with Battery Storage – Holland Park, QLD

This is our favourite battery storage package – the ever-reliable LG Chem battery matched with all of the benefits of SolarEdge Technology. This system provides power for the home in the evenings and even provides back up power in the case of a blackout. A great option for anyone who wants to be ‘almost off the grid’.


24 x 285W QCELLS Polycrystaline Modules
1 x 5kw SolarEdge Technologies Storedge Hybrid inverter
1 x LG Chem 10KwH Battery

11.4kW Commercial Grid Connect Solar – Springwood, QLD

This system is on a business that requires a high day-time power load. We were able to tailor this solution to suit that load and hopefully eliminate the customer’s power bills permanently.


40 x 285W Longi Monocrystaline Modules
1 x Fronius Symo 10kW inverter

6.27kW Grid Connect Solar – Pine Mountain, QLD

This is one of our most popular packages at the moment. A good quality system, with lovely black panels, at a very good price.


22 x 285W Longi Monocrystaline Modules
1 x Fronius Primo 5kW inverter
1 x Fronius Smart Meter

29.28kW Grid Connect Solar with Battery Storage – Redland Bay, QLD

One of our proudest achievements. This customer requires around-the-clock power (even in a blackout) for medical reasons, and has a very high air-conditioning load all year round. He wanted a solution that allowed him to have power in an emergency, and also never pay a power bill again! We were able to deliver our largest domestic installation to date.


96 x 305W QCELLS Monocrystaline Modules
3 x SolarEdge Technologies 5kw Storedge Hybrid Inverters
2 x LG Chem 10kwh Lithium Ion Batteries

12.87kW Grid Connect Solar – Sovereign Island, QLD

One of our most interesting jobs to date. This customer had a strange roof and didn’t want the panels mounted to the very fragile terracotta tiles. He also wanted the absolute maximum solar due to a very large power load. The solution was to build a large awning out of solar panels, designing the new carport and patio all with solar in mind. We elected to use LG Electronics 330W modules to get the absolute most out of the surface area and used Enphase micro inverters to help with the tricky layout and shading issues. Quite an expensive option, but the results speak for themselves.


39 x 330W LG Electronics Monocrystaline Modules
39 x Enphase 270W Micro-inverters
1 x Custom made awning system
1 x Enphase Envoy metering system