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There are common questions that businesses and homeowners ask when considering an investment in solar energy. We answer some of them here.

To determine the size of the system to meet the needs of your business or home, we will look at factors such as: current electricity usage and patterns; roof size and shading implications; and your budget. We will also put together a Systems Proposal for your consideration.
You can receive rebates and generous government contributions for installing a solar power system and generating solar electricity, including “Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (STCs)” and “Feed-in Tariffs”, both which substantially offset your investment.
First, check how many kWh of power you use each day (on average). We can take that figure, measure your roof space and calculate how much solar you need to reduce your bill. Then we work out the payback period and possible finance options. To be fully self-sufficient, take your daily kWh power usage and divide it by 4.2. This number is the size of the solar system that will produce the same amount of power you are using daily!
The good news is that Taylor Energy will take care of everything for you, from developing the plan to completing paperwork and after sales service. Our solar install process is designed to cover all aspects of starting and maintaining your solar-powered business or home.

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