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Solar Brisbane

The Future Of Solar Brisbane

At Taylor Energy, we believe that the future of power is solar Brisbane. With an abundance of benefits for both your bank account and the environment, the reasons to switch to solar power are endless. As one of the largest commercial and residential solar installers in the country, we provide full-scale solar services with a focus on delivering a personal approach to each client. Our team of professional and qualified electricians are dedicated to providing customer service of the highest level.

From your initial contact with us all the way through to your completed installation, our friendly and reliable team members will be available to answer any questions and provide you with trustworthy and honest advice. To ensure we only install solar of the highest quality, we only use the most trusted brands. Our suppliers are established brands including Solar Edge, SMA, Fronius and Canadian Solar.

Why Make The Switch To Solar

The reasons to switch to solar Brisbane are endless, but here are a few to consider!

Save Money: With electricity costs consistently on the rise, switching to solar power could save you hundreds on your monthly electricity bills.

Add Value: When you install a solar system to your residential or commercial property, you are increasing the value of your property at the same time.

Reduce Reliance: By using solar power, you are reducing your reliance on the grid. Not only will this reduce your use of expensive grid power, but it will also mean when the grid blacks out – you’ll still be up and running.

Get Paid: If you are eligible to export your excess monthly power back to the grid, could get paid! Not only will the prevent you from wasting your solar Brisbane, but it also benefits your bank account.

Reduce Emissions: Reduce your carbon emissions and footprint!

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Go Solar

If the endless benefits of installing solar Brisbane aren’t enough to convince you to make the switch, the Australian Federal and State Governments are offering incentives to encourage Australians to install solar. The Australian Government Solar Rebate provides Australians with a rebate in the form of a Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STCs) which can then be sold for money.

The amount of STCs a commercial or residential property owner will receive is dependent on the size of the solar system and the location it is being installed. For residents of Queensland specifically, there is also the option to substantially offset your investment with Feed-In Tariffs. With the assistance of the generous government contributions and rebates, there is truly no better time to switch your residential or commercial property to solar Brisbane. With a green, clean, and cost-effective power source alternative on the market, how can you not make the switch!

If you are considering installing solar Brisbane, there has never been a better time to change to the most affordable and environmentally friendly power source.

Contact the team at Taylor Energy today on 1300 182 678 and let us help you save money while you save the planet!

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