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Optimising Your Solar With Solaredge Technologies

There is a wide range of design possibilities and other amazing benefits to installing a SolarEdge Technologies Optimised Solar Power system.

String Inverter VS Optimised – Differences in Efficiency

Put simply, a string inverter wires several solar panels together, in a ‘string’. That string then comes back to the inverter as DC power and is converted to AC power before being supplied to the home and grid .

The disadvantage with a string inverter is that if one panel in the string is affected by a fault or by shade, then the entire string of panels (usually half of the panels on your home) is affected by that one panel. This significantly decreases performance.

With an optimised system, each panel instead has an ‘optimiser’ installed beneath it, which allows each panel to perform individually, getting the absolute most out of each panel at any point in time.

As you can imagine, this dramatically increases overall performance.

solar edge system

Optimised Systems Provide Freedom of Design

Due to the smart optimiser technology, instead of facing all your modules one orientation or two, avoiding all shade and wasting roof areas due to string sizes and limitations, we can essentially put panels anywhere we like (to a certain extent).

For example, if a roof spot is shaded for two hours in the afternoon, with a string inverter we would avoid putting a module there at all – as it would reduce the whole string of panels for that last two hours of the day. With SolarEdge, we could confidently install that module, knowing it will still get a good six hours of sun and only drop that one module for the two hours in the afternoon.

This makes SolarEdge the ideal solution for tricky roofs that receive scattered shade from trees, chimneys, air conditioners and so on. It also assists for situations where roofs have several strange angles and orientations.

solar edge system installation

Optimised Systems Allow Advanced Monitoring
Having an optimiser underneath each panel, when using a SolarEdge system, also gives you the amazing benefit of being able to monitor the performance of every single panel individually from your phone, tablet, or PC. You can log on at any time, anywhere in the world, and check just how each panel on your roof is performing. If a panel were to fail on a typical string inverter, you would have no way of knowing. With SolarEdge, you will know immediately and be able to process a warranty claim for a new panel with evidence.

See below snapshot of the panel level monitoring:

advanced monitoring

Along with the panel level monitoring, when the correct equipment is installed, you’ll also be able to see instantaneous data of how much power your home is using, how much is coming from the grid, how much is coming from the solar and how much is coming from your batteries (if installed).

See below snapshot of the portal. This is taken directly from my phone as I write this blog:

portal snapshot

Peace of Mind with SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge Provides Safety

Another great benefit of SolarEdge is the safety aspect. With a standard PV system, you have high DC voltages running directly from the panels, through cables to the inverters, with the only way of shutting off that power being to get on the roof and turn of the rooftop isolator or unplug the panels. This creates hazards and great difficulty for Fire and Emergency Services in the event of a fire or other incident.

With SolarEdge, literally with the flick of a switch on the base of the inverter, the entire system is brought down to a safe 1 volt per panel, making it safe for Fire Fighters and Emergency Services to go about their business. It is also great for maintenance, installers, and anyone else who wants to access your roof safely. This safe level of DC is also triggered immediately at the loss of AC power, so the switch flick itself isn’t even necessary.

SolarEdge Offers a Great Warranty

SolarEdge offers by far the longest warranty of any solution in the Australian solar market.

The warranties you will receive as standard are:

At Taylor Energy, we strive to provide the absolute best solution all our customers. SolarEdge is just one example of how we achieve this – it is a product that many installers seem to avoid due to its complex design and wiring and the training required to use it. But for us, all of this is worthwhile to provide our customers with the absolute best of the best. And we have the expertise to install it for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this entry and that is has helped you to understand the benefits of SolarEdge.