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Have you noticed reduced production from your solar system?

Public Service Announcement: I've noticed on various groups and forums solar champions concerned that there may be something wrong with their system because of reduced production.

Fear not! There is a perfectly reasonable explanation!

As the earth "wobbles" around the Sun it's path across the sky will be lower or higher at different times of the year. The Lowest and Highest points, the Winter and Summer Solstices, occur around June 21st and December 21st each year.

As we approach the Winter Solstice the Sun's path across the sky is almost at it's lowest meaning solar irradiance will also be at its lowest. Traditionally May, June and July will be the lowest production months here in the southern hemisphere.

The best way to explain this basically is "If it's sunny you'll make more money"

It's not all bad news though, panel efficiency will increase in cooler temperatures and a well designed and installed systems will still keep those winter power bills low.

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