Solar Companies Brisbane

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The End To Your Search For Solar Companies Brisbane

As one of the leading solar companies Brisbane, we provide high-quality, energy efficient solutions for residential and commercial clients across Queensland. At Taylor Energy, we provide full-scale solar installation, repair, and maintenance services. With customer satisfaction as our number one priority, we aim to provide reliable advice and communication with you from your initial contact with us through to the completion of your installation. Where our company differs from other solar companies is in our dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients, so that we can be there to help with any queries or issues post installation. We understand that installing a solar system is no small investment, which is why we use only the best-quality products. We work with trusted solar suppliers including Solar Edge, Frontius, SMA and Canadian Solar.

Solar Companies Brisbane
Solar Companies Brisbane

What Our Clients Say About Us

Unlike many other solar companies Brisbane, we are committed to delivering 100% client satisfaction. With excellent customer service at the forefront of our values, we aim to make the installation process hassle-free. From your initial contact with us until installation, we will provide reliable advice, quality service and professional workmanship.

We are second to none when it comes to solar companies Brisbane, but don’t just take our word for it! Here is what some of our previous clients have said about us…

“Transparency and efficiency…they don’t sell rubbish quality, so you’re safe that whatever is quoted will perform reliably.” Mark McNee

“From the first visit to the completed installation the service and help was excellent… highly recommend this company based on their pricing and excellent service.” Sue Wynands

“Highly recommend the guys at Taylor Energy…It was a fast and professional installation, so happy with the results!” – Matt Barney


As one of the premier solar companies Brisbane, we can answer all your solar questions. If you have a question that we haven’t answered below, get in contact with us and speak to a member of our team.

How long will it take for solar companies Brisbane to install my system?

The installation time will depend on the size and type of solar installation we are performing. Generally, a standard installation can take anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days.

What happens if my energy requirements increase after I’ve had a system installed?

You can undergo a system upgrade. We can install additional panels to your existing system. If your inverter isn’t large enough, we can also add an additional one.

What is a typical solar system made up of?

A standard grid connected solar system consists of panels, an inverter, a bi-directional meter and a mounting system.

Solar Companies Brisbane
Taylor Energy are the end to your search for the best solar companies Brisbane. Contact us today on 1300 182 678 to find out more about which solar system will be suit your residential or commercial property. Choose solar today and save money while you save the planet!